Denise Doll

Denise has been my friend for over 40 years. I made her this doll one Christmas. Denise loves fashion, clothes & shoes. Her favourite designer is Vivienne Westwood. I based the outfit on the Pirate collection as Denise used to have a squiggle top & boots.
The "Squiggle" round the front... This outfit is based on 1981 Pirate collection with motorbike boots and matching tote bag. Denise Doll's blouse has been
embroidered with a copy of the
Vivienne Westwood "Squiggle".

Detail of the trouser top
with pearl buttons.
Detail of the collar with red buttons.   Detail of the cuffs with red buttons.
Tote bag with contents. Faux suede Tote bag lined
with pale green gingham.
I embroidered the Vivienne Westwood
logo onto the Tote for added
Faux suede motorbike boots with felt straps & embroidered silver buckles .   Detail of the buckles.
The genuine article!
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