Emily Suffragette Doll

Here is the first in my line of historical Dolls! The vintage costumes are going to be great fun to make. This is Emily Suffragette Doll. She is based on Emily Davison, who was sadly killed when she jumped in front of a racehorse. A lot of people thought that she had committed suicide, but she had a return ticket to Victoria Station in her bag, so I think that shows that she did not intend to die, she just wanted to make a statement.

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  Front view of Emily Suffragette Doll. Her skirt & jacket are made from a tweed effect fabric, based on 1908 costume. Her sash is made from white cotton with felt letters Back view Close up of head & shoulders,
detailing WSPU (Women's
Social & Political Union) rosette...

Emily's white petticoat with lace
trim around the bottom

  Close up detail of Emily's fully lined jacket & white blouse (without the sash & rosette).   According to my research, in 1908 women wore stockings made from muslin. These stockings are secured with white organza ribbon. Also women wore bloomers instead of knickers & Emily is sporting a fine pair here! Bridget Jones eat your heart out!
Detail of Emily's pretty hat, made of
brown felt, organza & silk ribbon rose.
  Emily's lace up leather boots. Return to Dolly Gallery Emily is wearing pretty cream lace gloves with a little pearl button detail on the cuff.