Emma WPC Doll

HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! What's going on 'ere then?
Matron commissioned Emma WPC Doll as a gift for Emma, her "adopted" daughter, who has recently joined the boys & girls in blue.
Emma WPC Doll with her Hi Viz jacket. Without the Hi Viz... Rear view of Hi Viz jacket. Without the Hi Viz...

Front view detailing chequerboard
tie, white shirt, padded vest, with two side pockets, police badge & little black buttons

Detail of Emma WPC Doll's belt complete with handcuffs ready to apprehend any unsuspecting baddie!

Emma WPC Doll's uniform also packs a punch underneath, with her matching chequerboard stockings & black French frilly knickers!

Emma WPC Doll's shoes, perfect for
patrolling the beat.

Rear view of Emma WPC Doll's knickers detailing a matching chequerboard
ribbon trim.

Side view with Emma WPC Doll's
police number on the epaulettes.
Here is the lovely Emma in her
"civvies" with Emma WPC Doll.
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