Ina, Land Army Girl Doll

This is Ina, Land Army Girl Doll. She is based on my friend Katie's wee mammy, Ina. I once spent a very pleasant afternoon/evening listening to her reminisce on her early life as a Land Army Girl & the story of how she met her husband (they went on to have 7 children!). Sadly she passed away in 2016. I am going to give this doll to Katie in memory of her.

Back view of Ina Ina Doll ready for some hard work
with her trusty spade
Close up of head & shoulders.

Ina's green patterned headband adds a
touch of colour to her outfit.
Back view of Ina Doll, showing off
her beautiful long black hair.
Return to Dolly Gallery Ina Doll's leather work boots, with home made work socks.