The Travelling Flower Fairies

Fairy Bluebell Fairy Corncockle Fairy Snapdragon Fairy Forget-Me-Not Fairy Poppy Fairy Pumpkin
Fairy Buttercup Fairy Daffodil Fairy Daisy Fairy Red Rose Fairy Primrose  

The Travelling Flower Fairies are from my second book, "The Grumpy Gnome Goes on Holiday".

They are very shy, secretive and look identical to certain flowers! Unless you get up to them very, very close, you would just think they are a flower and not a fairy at all. Usually you only know they have visited your garden when you see a green ring of grass with toadstools dotted all around the edge, a magical fairy ring...

Each fairy is handmade and comes in her own Waitrose lantern "garden", with a little picket fence, fairy lights and flowers. Each fairy has beautiful, glass effect wings on veined wire.

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