Grumpy Gnome Goes on Holiday Book Launch Party
Saturday 29th May 2021

This party has been in the planning for six months! Firstly, I was hoping that the pandemic wouldn't stop it going ahead. Secondly, it was a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather was a concern!
Due to the pandemic, I couldn't invite as many children as I wanted, but the weather was absolutely perfect.

Gnomelympic Games!

First event on the schedule, was the Gnomelympic Games! The children had to 'Hook a Fish', 'Hula the Hoop', 'Burst the Balloon', 'Knock a Coconut from the Shy', then jump to finish line in a sack! Each child received a 'Mystery Prize' for their efforts!

Bouncy Castle!

Fabulous bouncy castle for all the kid's make like 'Tiggers' and bounce to their heart's content!

Children's Entertainment!

I booked the fabulous children's entertainment, Dinky Ducks Soft Play Hire ( to keep the kiddies entertained! They also provided the bouncy castle. There were party songs, dancing, make the Gruffalo into a toilet paper mummy, with a toilet roll snowball fight afterwards. Then the foam gun came out, the kids went crazy!
Special guests, Batgirl, Spiderman and the Gruffalo came to wish me good luck with the book!

Candy Floss!

Candy floss was provided by Candy Floss and Dreams ( It was a major hit with the children and gave the party a real 'funfair feel'.

Party Food!

I managed to get a few photo's of the food, but there was lots more. Many thanks to PosiePops for making the delicious cupcakes and book cake ( Not only did they look fantastic, they tasted great too! All the kid's were famished after all the action and sat down on the lawn to eat their party tea!

Book Reading!

After all the children had finished eating, it was time for a book reading. I read a chapter about a witch with a very bad flatulence problem. Each child was given a whoopee cushion and provided sound effects to accompany me. It was so funny!

Grumpy Bags!

All good things have to come to an end! Each child received a personalised GRUMPY BAG, with a signed copy of the book, before we said our goodbyes.

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