What's New in August...

The first literary agent that I sent my submission to, came back with a rejection, "Thank you for letting us consider this but I’m afraid that we’re going to pass.  We wish you all the best of luck in finding representation elsewhere." I had already sent a submission to another agent that I really like, so hoping they will come back with something a bit more positive than,"We'll pass"!

I went to the Berkshire, Buckingham and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust College Lake Visitor Centre to deliver six books to go in their giftshop. I took my granddaughters along as I wanted to show off in front of Rosie when I gave my books to the shop!

I was not aware of this beautiful place just on my doorstep and we were blown away by the fantastic scenery. We had a snack in the lovely little cafe and then bought ice lollies to walk around the nature reserve. The girls loved it. Please click here for some pictures.

Following College Lake, I put one of my super cool book display stands in Rumbler's Farm Shop in Potten End.


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