What's New in January 2021...

Grumpy Gnome Christmas Hampers

My Grumpy Gnome Christmas hampers went down a storm! I got some wicker hampers wholesale and a friend made a template. With a can of spray paint, I had my own GGG hampers.  A lot of the ingredients were grown on my allotment, so I had to make a lot of it in the summer.
Homemade gifts are so well received, and even if you don't have much money you can make something unique.  Please click on the icon below for recipes, photos and ideas. 

The Grumpy Gnome Goes on Holiday

My publishers have advised that the launch date for my new book is 28th May 2021.  I am so excited! I have received the first proofs and it is looking great. I am planning to throw a launch party to celebrate.  Hopefully, the coronavirus will be on the ebb by then, and even more chancing my luck, I am hoping for good weather on an English Bank Holiday weekend!  Please click on the link below for updates...   

New Studio

I have spent the last few months packing up my old studio and moving to my new one, which was being refurbished. It is an absolute dream!  Click on the image below for some before and after photos.  This is such a happy place for me!  

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