Langleybury Farm Hallowe'en Spooktacular

In October 2019, I took the girls to Langleybury Children's Farm 'Hallowe'en Spooktacular'. It was the worst weather possible and one of the first times I'd taken them both out together. Even worse, we forgot the buggy so I had to carry Poppy round everywhere. Normally she's light as a feather but after half an hour, she seemed to have trebled in weight!

We looked around at all the animals kept on the farm including loads of birds of prey. I had to drag Poppy screaming away from the ducks as she was fascinated by them. She has also learned to say, "Quack", so was trying it out! There were lots of activities we could have done, ie pumpkin carving, bouncy castle, fair rides, but they were all outside and it was becoming a mudbath. I lost the will to live after about an hour and we headed off home for some hot chocolate.

Langleybury is my old school so it holds a special place in my heart. It sure has changed a lot since I last went there. Lovely taking the kids there but maybe in the summer this time.

Rosalie's 'Witch/Bette Davis' look! Poppy has a black cat dress under her bunny coat.
Rosie would like a pet rabbit. And a pet Guinea pig!
Poppy is absolutely mad about ducks and would have stood there all day given the chance. They remind me of Piglet & Pooh!

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