What's New- March 2018

I am waiting to get my book the Grumpy Little Gnome published, which hopefully will be sometime in the summer.

I 'kicked' Pompeii off my bucket list!

What an amazing place, but very sad to see the plaster casts capturing the last moments of their lives. There are still lots of beautiful murals on the plasterwork, which have been preserved in volcanic ash for over a thousand years. Here are a few of my favourite photos...

On that trip, and buoyed on by all the positive feedback on the Grumpy Gnome's Garden, I started writing a sequel, The Grumpy Gnome Goes on Holiday! Watch this space...

I haven't been making any clothes lately due to time constraints, and it is very cold in my studio in the winter. I am looking forward to the arrival of another grandchild at the end of this month so I will no doubt resume the sewing. I have promised Rosie I will make her a cowgirl outfit for her birthday.

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