I have wanted to visit the Petrie Museum of Archeology for yonks! Despite it only being half an hour away on the train, I never seemed to find the time to go, until now!

My dear friend, Dragon treated me on Tuesday 12th September 2019 as a belated birthday present. She wanted to get tickets for the upcoming Tutankhamun's Exhibition which appeared to be sold out way in advance, so we came here instead. We will get the opportunity to see all Tutankhamun's treasure next year, and a whole lot more so we can wait...

Flinders Petrie is the Godfather of all Egyptologists in my opinion. He mentored Howard Carter, and set a recognised standard to date pottery and shards. His methods are still in use to this day.

His archeological digs were funded by the University College London which is how all this treasure is in their very own museum. The museum is mainly for Egyptology students to study, but it's also open to the public on certain days.

First we started the day off with a spot of lunch at the Spaghetti House in Sicilian Avenue, love this place!

Me & Darling Dragon
    As with any day out, here's me with a glass in my hand!
Tiny model boat   Boat instructions

Shabtis, servants in the Afterworld.   More Shabti's.

Carpenter's square

Carpenter's right angle guide.

Plumb bob.
  Shelving brackets.  

Dancer's dress. It is assumed she wore a vest underneath.

Madonna's Jean Paul Gautier dress springs to mind!



Hippo ivory comb.


  Ancient measurement devices.  









Rag dolly toy.

Shards of pottery and tiles found in Amana, a city Tutankhamun's father created.

Limestone hippo.

Wooden headrest.
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