Visit to Roald Dahl Museum
16th March 2019

What a fabulous day, spent with Rosalie, at the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire.

Roald Dahl's Writing Hut.   All his treasures kept close to hand.
Blacked out windows. Extra insulation in cold weather. Just as he last used it.
Roald's RAF uniform. Rosalie making notes! Sitting in the replica chair. Photo taken by Rosalie.
In the dressing up box. Roald's 'filing system'. Rosalie & the Rhyming Tree (see what I did there?!).
Isn't he a funny looking man! Rosalie and Matilda take on President Trump! Trump's rump!

Rosalie making more notes!

Interactive story time with the Three Little Pigs. Rosalie was Little Red Riding Hood, who shoots and kills the wolf with a pistol hidden in her knickers!





We love the BFG's spell jars!

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