What's New in April 2019...

My mission this month is to get my book out there in retail outlets. As it's about all things nature, I am aiming for rural outlets. I have been granted permission to put my book into two farm shops. I have been working with a company to develop a mini book display unit and it has now gone into production and I should get them very soon.

I took Rosalie to the Bucks Goat Centre to have some fun and also look around and to see if there's any possibility of selling my book there, especially as the story setting is just half a mile down the road. We had a lovely lunch, then lots of fun feeding the chickens, rabbits, pigs, fish, alpacas and of course lots of goats! Click here to see some pictures.

There is so much on this site, we went to a wool shop and saw lots of ladies spinning wool. A wonderful fabric shop, a book binding shop, an art gallery and loads more. I could have spent a fortune.

On the way home, I couldn't resist having a look at 'Marko-the-Wisp's' field and was very pleased that it looked much the same as I last saw it (albeit a bit more kempt than when he was around!).

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