What's New in July to November 2020...

I didn't get to Lanzarote for obvious reasons. Instead, I used the time to go my allotment, so I didn't start writing the new book as planned. In fact, I now have two books in my 'pipeline'. An adult crime novel and a third Grumpy Gnome book.

"A third Grumpy Gnome book"? I hear you say. "What happened to the second"? The answer is, that I am working to have my second book published and have been in discussions with my publishers! Click on the thumbnail below for updates on current progress...

During the summer, I have been busy making all my Christmas hampers. Previously, I bought the produce to make my hamper goodies from the supermarket. However, this year I have grown most of it on my allotment, so had to make the goodies as I harvested the produce.

I have been keeping my interest up in beekeeping although I haven't been able to progress this due to the current situation. Have a look at some pictures of a visit to an apiary in the summer by clicking on the thumbnail below.

I have been given notice to quit my studio! The owner is selling up due to a bereavement. Luckily, I have found another place to move to which is bigger. It is getting fitted out prior to my move, I am so excited about. My current studio looks like something out of a hoarder's tv show!

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