RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Wednesday 22nd May 2019

What a lovely day out at the Chelsea Flower Show with my friend Victoria. The weather was glorious and the flowers spectacular. Even the trains were running on time!
The shops along the Kings Road had 'flowered up' too! Beautiful shop display, no expense spared. That's what I call a big entrance!
We couldn't resist going in for 'one'!
Look at the outside of this pub!   Can you see me?
Next stop lunch and a cheeky cocktail at the Bluebird Cafe!

And we're here!

The Great Pavillion.
  Met this wonderful gentleman and got a kiss!  

Bloomin' marvellous!
Little Weeeeeed amongst the chrysanthemums!   Some shameless promotion of my book!
Perfect peonies. More perfect peonies! Hello!
Beautiful scented roses. Chrysanthemums Peonies again.

More shameless advertising!




How's this for a Harvest Festival?   Can't help myself!
The German lady who took this photo asked if we were mother and daughter! WTH? A sea of Gladioli
This company makes garden ornaments based on children's book characters. Anyone for tea? I'm late for a very important date...
Don't believe him Jemima! He's a bad fox! Squirrel nutkin, and can you spot more shameless advertising?
Lookout for Mr McGregor, Peter Rabbit! I love fairies!
Paddling hot little feet. Kissing fairies!
Half time refreshments with the Chelsea Embankment in the background, happy days!

Outside walkabout. Cascade of roses.

Displays everywhere you look.
  Such a pretty flower.  

Gin Barn.

From the Motor Neurone Disease Garden.
  Old Massey Ferguson.  
Couldn't resist having a photo with that backdrop. Even the snackwagons were floweryfied!
  Little bee sculptures.

Afternoon tea in the Drawing Room.
Serenaded by a harpist.   Yet another photo with a glass in my hand!
Wonderful driftwood horse. Menacing driftwood dragon
We had been on 'celebrity watch' all day. Finally we saw Mary Berry who looked gorgeous. Hard to believe she's 86!
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